Kolbudy commune, which is situated at the north – eastern ground of Pomerania province, is spreading picturesquely on the part of Pojezierze Kaszubskie (Kashubian Lake District), called Szwajcaria Kaszubska (Kashubian Switzerland). In 15 village councils, which are part of the commune, live about 20000 people.

The landscape of Kolbudy is dominated by many undulating hills and crystal – clear lakes: the Otomin Lake, the Łapino and the Goszyn Lake.

The Radunia and the Reknica rivers flow swiftly through deep, glacial, river valleys. It is through the latter that the nature reserve “The Reknica Gorge” was created. This area, covered in dense forest, gives you the impression of a lost, fairy land. You can see the aged beeches, oaks and sycamores there, whose trunks very often have got 1 metre in diametre. The forests are undoubtedly the most valuable resources of Kolbudy. The area is a mushroom pickers’ paradise and a shelter for many species of plants and animals.